Welcome to Bamboo Nails Spa!

In the heart of this bustling city we sometimes long for a taste of the countryside; the charm of a bamboo village or the peace and tranquility that nature offers. At those times, Bamboo will be your haven for relaxation and harmony with nature, whether on a weekend or at any time you feel tired with life and need to find a little stillness.

Here in Thao Dien, nestled in a beautiful alley filled with the scent of flowers and leaves, Bamboo brings a unique beauty reminiscent of a bamboo village.

Temporarily away from the chaos of daily life, Bamboo provides a relaxing space. You will hear melodious birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves. As you recline and enjoy the fragrance of lemongrass essential oil, Bamboo’s girls will pamper you. You will feel your worries and cares gently slide away as you release your soul and enjoy the wonderful moments of life.

At Bamboo, you will experience professional nail care services along with high-class products such as OPI, CND, and others. In addition to nail care services, Bamboo provides shampoo and hair care services using the famous Italian line of Oway organic products. We also offer other services including massage, eyelash extensions and waxing.

All services provided at Bamboo carry with them our desire to bring you a fresh beauty full of external vitality and internal peace. For every moment you spend at Bamboo, you will fully enjoy the best we have to offer!